Edit on GitHub; netbox – NetBox List of custom ansible host vars to create from the device object fetched from NetBox. ansible-inventory -v --list -i netbox


netbox_current_path will be symlinked to the selected release and used in service/configuration files as the location NetBox is installed. netbox_shared_path is intended to store configuration files and other "shared" content, like logs. [source,yaml] netbox_socket: "" netbox_protocol: http netbox_processes: "{{ ansible_processor

The main difference between the two is the cleaning of outdated objects in NetBox, which is absent from the former solution. 2020-02-07 netbox_stable tells the role to deploy by extracting tarball releases from GitHub, while netbox_git tells the role to clone a NetBox git repository - they're mutually exclusive. [source,yaml,subs="attributes"] "Ansible Role Netbox" and other potentially trademarked words, Modules¶. netbox_aggregate – Creates or removes aggregates from Netbox. netbox_cable – Create, update or delete cables within Netbox. netbox_circuit – Create, update or delete circuits within Netbox.

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Passing in IDs Manually. Using nb_lookup Plugin to Provide ID or Object. Option 1: Lookup Plugin Object. Option 2: Lookup Plugin ID. Ansible facts modules gather system information ‘facts’ that are available to the rest of your playbook. Ansible Networking ships with a number of network-specific facts modules. In this example, we use the _facts modules arista.eos.eos_facts, cisco.ios.ios_facts and vyos.vyos.vyos_facts to connect to the remote networking device.

Deploys and configures NetBox, an IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool. This role will deploy NetBox within its own virtualenv either by release tarball or via git using uWSGI as the application server. Tested and supported against CentOS 7/Debian 9 and 10/Ubuntu 16, 18 and 20.

I've been wanting to try out Ansible modules available for Netbox [1]. However, I find myself stuck right in the beginning. cat setup-vlans.yml --- - hosts: netbox tasks: - name: Create prefix in Netbox netbox_prefix: netbox_token: " { { netbox_token }}" netbox_url: " { { netbox_url }}" data: prefix Default: {} List of custom ansible host vars to create from the device object fetched from NetBox.

Ansible Netbox Integration Example. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

So here is the really cool part, you can run the action on various events! This means every time someone submits a PR, or does a push, the action will be triggered and a container will spin up and run Ansible lint on your repo. Jump start your automation project with great content from the Ansible community Changes to ipam.IPAddress in Netbox 2.9, preventing netbox_ip_address from assigning IP's to interfaces, and breaking idempotency - ansible_modules hot 1 contributors (According to the first 100) FragmentedPacket Minor Changes ¶. Inventory - Added ansible_host_dns_name to set ansible_host to dns_name. netbox_device_role - Added description option. netbox_platform - Added description option 2019-11-13 · But using Ansible, you can automate Git pulls of a project's master branch (or any other branch, for that matter) and then automate Git pushes of the repository to an "offsite" mirror.

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1 Feb 2016 GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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Github netbox ansible

Web backend and frontend setups can be disabled if you already have your Cross-platform Ansible role for deploying NetBox, a DCIM/IPAM tool, in a production environment. - lae/ansible-role-netbox Demo of Ansible from NetBox. Contribute to jvanderaa/ansible_netbox_demo development by creating an account on GitHub.

Command Line ¶. The ansible-galaxy login command has been removed, as the underlying API it used for GitHub auth is being shut down.
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Ansible AWX Inventory Script example for NetBox (Py2 and Py3 compatible) - netbox.py

you could use the IP of the host in Netbox as ansible_ssh_host, or use a custom field as well.. There are 3 sections here, first type is IP, second one is General, and finally Custom.. Variables are defined as Key: Value.The key is what will be in Ansible and value comes from Netbox. 2021-03-11 Integrating NetBox with Ansible. In this recipe, we will outline how to integrate Ansible and NetBox via the NetBox API. This integration is mandatory as it will allow us to populate the NetBox database through Ansible playbooks, as well as to use NetBox as our dynamic inventory source to create an Ansible inventory in later recipes.

The NetBox environment for this is NetBox 2.9.9. I have not tested with previous versions, but believe that this will work with 2.8.x as well. The Ansible execution environment is Ansible 2.9.15. This is making use of the Ansible NetBox Collections using the FQCN for the NetBox modules and NOT the core modules.

Compared to using netbox.netbox collection, the logic is written in Python instead of trying to glue Ansible tasks together. I believe this is both more flexible and easier to read, notably when trying to delete outdated objects.

Edit on GitHub; netbox – NetBox List of custom ansible host vars to create from the device object fetched from NetBox.